The dispute over fees paid to national newspaper photographers for the re-use of their images has spread overseas.

Amateur Photographer understands that photographers in Paris, France, are now refusing to work for the Guardian News & Media (GNM) group under new terms that mean freelancers no longer receive income from commissioned images which are subsequently re-used.

Earlier this month press photographers staged a protest outside the Guardian‘s London offices over the dispute, which took effect on 1 September and is designed to save money.

Photography rights campaigner Pete Jenkins said: ‘The amount of money it will save the group is minimal, the damage it is doing huge. Many photographers who work regularly for the group will find their loyalty penalised by as much as 40% of their income.’

More than 1,000 photographers have so far signed a petition against the move. Supporters include high-profile photographers Eamonn McCabe, Chris Steele-Perkins and Don McCullin.

Jenkins added: ‘It is essential that all photographers refuse to accept these conditions, not just in support of the photographers concerned but to protect the notion of copyright which is the basis of making a living through editorial photography.’

Campaigners urge photographers to write to GNM’s managing editor, Chris Elliott, to explain why the ‘rights grab’ is unacceptable.

In August, GNM denied it was engaged in a ‘rights grab’, telling protesters that the rules bring the group in line with other national newspapers.

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