Harry Potter photographerPicture: Harry Potter actress Katie Leung (above), who this year travelled around Asia, has spoken about her passion for photography.

Harry Potter movie actress Katie Leung (pictured above) has turned photographer for a new exhibition that opens in London next month.

Katie Leung, who plays the character Cho Chang in the Potter films, said: ‘Photography allows me to communicate in a certain way which words and other forms of art simply cannot, and it has ultimately changed the way in which I see the world.’

An image (below) by the Harry Potter star will go on show alongside pictures captured by the winners of a national student competition organised by the charity Sightsavers International.

Katie added: ‘Through my passion for this powerful medium I am deeply grateful to be blessed with the wonderful gift of sight.’

The exhibition opens on 10 December at the gallery@oxo on London’s South Bank.

Thirteen-year-old Emily Tudor from Buckinghamshire won top place in the contest’s 11-14 years category.

Stacy Leigh Stewart, aged 16, came first in the section open to 15-16-year-olds.

And 17-year-old Lolita Cameron triumphed in the 17-18 years category.

The competition carried the theme ‘Body Language’.

Katie said she followed the competition’s theme in the photo she submitted to run alongside the students’ competition entries.

The exhibition, called ‘i:click – when actions speak louder than words’, runs until 10 January 2010.

Image by Harry Potter actress Katie LeungKatie Leung followed the competition’s theme ‘Body Language’ to submit this image for display at a London gallery from next month. Credit: Katie Leung