Hasselblad has today officially announced the H4D-40, a professional medium format digital SLR that looks set to go head-to-head against the Leica S2.

The H4D-40 features a 40-million-pixel CCD imaging sensor, measuring 33x44mm.

‘Hasselblad is targeting the H4D-40? towards high-end 35mm professionals,’ said a spokesman.

The H4D-40 will cost Euros 13,995, to include a camera, viewfinder and 80mm lens.

Hasselblad CEO Larry Hansen said: ‘Most high-end photographers understand the advantages that a medium format system has over smaller formats, but many younger photographers have never been exposed to larger format photography.’

Features include new ‘low noise colour filters’.

The information had been under embargo until 9 February, but this was lifted this afternoon when certain websites leaked the details, said Hasselblad.