Hasselblad H4D-40Hasselblad is on a mission to break into fresh territory by targeting its new H4D-40 medium-format DSLR camera at students.

The firm has announced a two-month-long series of student roadshows that will take in 12 venues, from Portsmouth to Edinburgh.

Chris Russell-Fish, Hasselblad UK?s managing director, said: ?Students are the future of the imaging business so we decided to plan a completely free of charge, nationwide educational roadshow to enable them to get real hands-on experience??

He added: ?We are using the roadshows to increase awareness and dispel any previous misconceptions about Hasselblad pricing and service. This is about winning hearts and minds ? and there?s nowhere better to start than with students ? tomorrow?s professional photographers.?

Roadshow manager David Summerfield claimed that Hasselblad is not on a ?hard sell? drive. ?We are just giving students and tutors the chance to play with and test drive this amazing camera in real time on real shoots,? he said.

Announced last month the H4D-40 is a medium format DSLR featuring a 40-million-pixel CCD imaging sensor, measuring 33x44mm.

Speaking in February Hasselblad CEO Larry Hansen said: ‘Most high-end photographers understand the advantages that a medium-format system has over smaller formats, but many younger photographers have never been exposed to larger format photography.’

The H4D-40 costs £15,269, a price that includes the camera, viewfinder and 80mm lens.

For details of the roadshows visit the Hasselblad roadshow website