Nearly two-thirds of holiday makers fail to back up their digital images when they return home and face losing their precious pictures forever, claims a BT survey.

?Worryingly more than 60% of us don?t bother to back-up and protect photos when we download them on the return home, despite more of us now relying on home PCs and laptops to keep our memories safe,? revealed the poll of 800 consumers conducted last month.

The survey found that although 47% of people store their holiday snaps on a computer, only 8% print the images and put them in a photo album.

BT commissioned the research to promote its online archiving service BT Digital Vault.

?Storing digital photos or documents securely online means that if you lose your PC, it is stolen or your computer crashes, trying to rescue your precious memories is one less thing you need to worry about,? claimed a BT spokeswoman