Available in filter sizes from 49-82mm, the Hoya UV & IR Cut filter costs from £84.99.

A spokeswoman for Hoya’s UK distributor Intro 2020 said the filter ‘blocks out both the higher frequency ultraviolet rays and lower-frequency infrared light rays’.

She added: ‘This is important to digital photographers as the CCD and CMOS [imaging] sensors found in cameras are extremely susceptible to catching UV and IR rays, just outside the visible spectrum. This has a very negative impact on image quality.’

Hoya says the filter can also be used to reduce the effects of atmospheric haze, more so than when using a standard UV filter – resulting in ‘sharper images with more depth and finer, richer colour gradations’.

For details call Intro 2020 on 01628 674 411 or visit www.intro2020.co.uk.