Hugh Grant?s alleged attack on a paparazzi snapper with a container of baked beans has prompted another photographer to reveal he was once attacked with a ?prosthetic leg?.

Award-winning photographer Andrew Stenning told the journalists’ trade magazine Press Gazette that the incident with the artificial leg occurred outside Caenarfon Court in Wales in 1982.

Stenning had been confronted by a man accused of arson who was apparently upset by media attention.

?He just took his leg off and threw it at me,? Stenning told Press Gazette reporter Patrick Smith. ?But it was plastic so it just bounced off.?

Press Gazette has today launched an internet-based survey asking other press photographers to reveal ?what?s the strangest thing that has been thrown at you in the line of work?’

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As we reported last week, Hugh Grant was released on bail following his arrest for an alleged assault on photographer Ian Whittaker on 24 April.

Grant?s lawyers, Schillings, declined to comment for legal reasons when Amateur Photographer contacted them earlier this week.

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(Pic: Chris Cheesman)