The range is set to be distributed in the UK by Tetenal, which is based in Leicester.

The Galerie line will include Ilford Gold Fibre Silk, Smooth Pearl, Smooth Gloss and Ilford Gold Mono Silk.

Shipping is due to start at the end of August.

Last year, the paper’s former maker, Ilford Imaging Switzerland, declared itself insolvent and 130 staff lost their jobs at the factory in Marly.

Earlier this year, Australian firm CR Kennedy & Company Pty joined forces with Japan-based Chugai Photo Chemical Company to launch a bid for Ilford trademarks and associated assets.

The joint venture led to the formation of a new company called Ilford Imaging Europe.

‘The Ilford brand is now in safe hands,’ claimed Tetenal in a statement.

CR Kennedy imports and distributes photo equipment, while Chugai Photo makes chemicals and other imaging products.

‘Together, both partners have a combined history of 146 years in the photo industry and are committed to implementing long-term strategies for growth, with respect for the history and traditions of the Ilford brand,’ added Tetenal.

The new company is separate from Ilford Photo, the trading name of UK-based Harman Technology, which produces traditional b&w photographic papers and film in Cheshire.