Ilford will launch a new ?baryta-base? inkjet paper called Galerie Gold Fibre Silk onto the UK market next week.

Boasting ?extended tonal range and excellent archival properties? the 310gsm product will be available in formats including A4 and A3.

Billed as a ?traditional paper for inkjet printing?, Galerie Gold Fibre Silk features a traditional ?barium sulphate (baryta) base?, states Ilford.

The firm claims: ?The baryta enhances the media surface, which gives the creamy whites and velvety blacks that form part of the unique look and feel of a true fibre print? the media also produces real high definition images with an extended tonal range, making it a must for exhibition quality images ranging from vivid colour to dramatic black and whites.?

Prices were yet to be confirmed at the time of writing.

The paper will be distributed by JP Distribution (

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