Ilford Imaging Switzerland, which makes Ilford-branded photographic inkjet paper, has been sold to a UK-based investment company amid concerns that the imaging business has suffered a ‘tough’ time of late.

NEWS UPDATE: Ilford to expand product line

City-based Paradigm Global Partners LLP has acquired Ilford Imaging Switzerland for an undisclosed sum from Oji Paper which is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Commenting on the move, Ilford’s chief operating officer Lars Sommerhauser said: ‘The last few years have been tough for the imaging business as a whole, including Ilford. This announcement has injected a renewed sense of energy and excitement within the company and provided the business with focus and direction.’

Ilford Imaging Switzerland, which makes Ilford’s ‘Galerie’ injket paper, is separate to Ilford Photo which is based in Cheshire.

Ilford Photo is owned by Harman Technology Limited and makes photographic papers under the Harman Photo brand.

The Ilford name stretches back 130 years and became famous for its b&w films and papers.