Steven ‘Spike’ Brown speaks to Amateur Photographer (AP) following his protest against restrictions on photographers’ right to take pictures in public, as more photos from his Fourth Plinth session in Trafalgar Square are released.

Speaking this morning, Spike, from Hertfordshire, said he was pleased with his time in the spotlight and the backing he received from fellow photographers: ‘I am not one for standing up in public. It’s out of my comfort zone,’ he told AP.

Asked what he hoped to achieve by the publicity he created Spike said: ‘For the Police and PCSOs to know and understand what the law is…

‘Every little bit helps. I’ve got 25 years working as a photographer and you are always treated with suspicion. No-one seems to know what the law is.’

Spike – who took self-portraits using a Canon EOS 5D DSLR – said his biggest challenge was avoiding lens flare from the four spotlights placed on the plinth during the hour-long session from 10-11pm.

The photographer carried banners promoting campaigns being run by Amateur Photographer and the British Journal of Photography. He also drew attention to the website, which aims to fight for the rights of all photographers, professional and amateur.

To watch the official Fourth Plinth video of last night’s session featuring Steven ‘Spike’ Brown click HERE

Photographer in Trafalgar SquarePhotographer in Trafalgar SquarePhotographer in Trafalgar SquarePhotographer in Trafalgar Square

All picture credits (above): Barney Britton

Photographers in Trafalgar Square

Picture credit (above): Chris Cheesman