1st Prize.web[Photo credit: Benjie Aguilera Brown]

Benjie Aguilera Brown beat nearly 5,500 entries to top spot in the #makesBRITAINtick  competition for his candid image of a crowd of texting commuters on a tube station platform.

Commenting on his winning shot, Benjie – who works in video and film – said: ‘I took a few shots at Earl’s Court and decided on this one because I thought it interesting to see so many people immersed in their phones while waiting on the platform.

‘I think everyone who lives in a busy city such as London can relate to this picture and could easily assume that the people in it were merely the shoreline of a sea of people waiting to get home and with nothing better to do.’

Benjie added: ‘I thought the picture was significant because it casually depicted the multitasking environment we’re in.’

The runner-up was named as Moldova-born photography enthusiast Nadya Migai for a Mary Poppins-style street photo called ‘Jumping Umbrella’ (below).

second prize.web [Photo credit: Nadya Migai]

third prize.webThird place went to Charlotte Docker.

Entries were judged on creativity, originality and relevance to the competition theme.

The contest was organised by watchmakers Christopher Ward.

The best images were chosen based on the number of likes they garnered on Instagram, before being put to a judging panel that included photo enthusiasts from @IGersLondon, an Instagram-based photography group.

To view the winning shots visit the Christopher Ward Instagram Page