Current Instagram fans may be used to seeing their posts pop up in the order in which they were posted, but all that seems poised to change; in a post made on the official Instagram blog, it has been announced that users’ feeds will soon be ordered to show the posts that the app deems most interesting and appropriate to them first.

According to the statement, the new system will take into account a variety of factors, such as the likelihood the user will be “interested in the content”, their “relationship with the person posting” and the “timeliness of the post” to determine the order in which the content is displayed.

The shift represents the first alteration to Instagram’s feed structure since the sites inception in 2010 and is very reminiscent of Facebook and Twitter’s changes over the past few years, which highlight some algorithmically-curated content while hiding that which they deem less worthy – mostly without the user’s control.

While Instagram have said that “all the posts will still be there, just in a different order” for the time being, many fans have spoken out in fear both of the changes to the order and the new curation system eventually hiding content from them. A popular concern is that under the new system only content that receives large amounts of interaction and likes would be pushed to the top – resulting in their feeds being dominated by only the most popular, mainstream sources.

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There’s no word yet on a date for the update, though in the same blog post Instagram stated they were taking their time to “get this right”, users will be seeing this “in the coming months”.