Photographers in Iraq have launched their own online blog to showcase their work and tell the stories behind the pictures they take.

The Baghdad Bureau blog was the brainchild of New York Times correspondent Stephen Farrell who called Amateur Photographer to tell us how it will give an insight into the way photographers approach capturing images in a conflict zone.

The blog will allow photographers to explain how they overcome occupational hazards, which include dust storms, checkpoints and the ?exacting demands? of digital technology and the internet.

Launching the blog Farrell wrote: ?As different photographers move through The New York Times’ Baghdad Bureau? we will discuss ? in text, video, audio and, of course, in pictures ? the many different aspects of working here.?

The New York Times? photographers work with, as well as separate from, US forces. Their pictures cover conflict, social and personal issues ? even sports stories ? for news and feature articles.

Farrell said he hopes Iraqi photographers can be included in future posts.

Details of how photographers protect themselves will not be revealed to avoid putting themselves in even more danger.

?Your comments, feedback and questions are welcome,? continued Farrell.

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