Spy camera maker Minox is about to launch an ultra miniature ?retro-style? digital version of the 8x11mm film model which became famous for its use by secret agents.

The move comes three months after the German manufacturer announced that the Minox miniature film camera, which uses 8×11 format film, was coming to the end of its life (pictured).

We understand that the new model, called the Minox Digital Spy Camera (DSC), will be based on the Minox ECX, a film model launched in 1998.

It will have a monitor built into the flash unit, but pixel count and other technical details remain top secret, according to Minox?s UK distributor, Newpro.

The first Minox 8×11 camera model was manufactured in Latvia and designed by Walter Zapp. It left the factory in 1937.

We understand that Minox engineers have been working on the product for some time but delayed development until the latest technology – similar to that used in today?s camera phones – became more affordable.

More details of the camera will appear at www.license-to-shoot.com from 5 September. The site is currently ‘private’ access only and requires a password to gain entry.

The Minox DSC will make its world debut at the Photokina photographic show in Germany later this month, under the slogan ?Licence to Shoot?.

Photokina will also be the platform for a futuristic ?spy workshop? where visitors can try out products such as Minox ?belt buckle cameras? and a ‘filming fountain pen?.


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