The event is set to take place at the Westcountry Wildlife Photography Centre in Lifton, home to species including deer, wildcats and otters. Wildlife photography experts will be on hand to give feedback and advice. The course runs from 11am-5pm and costs £125. For details visit the Jessops Training Academy website

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Press release

The award-winning Jessops Training Academy has introduced its first ever ‘British Wildlife Experience’; a rewarding course designed to provide wildlife and photography enthusiasts with the opportunity to capture animals in their natural environments.

“This new photography experience provides an amazing opportunity to encounter a variety of wild and beautiful creatures that are often too difficult to even catch a glimpse of in person, let alone by camera,” says Ian Savage, Head of the Jessops Training Academy. “Delegates will be able to enter into many of the animal enclosures and get closer than ever.” The new photography experience joins an impressive roster of Jessops Academy courses designed to empower students at all levels with the knowledge and experience to further their photography skill set.

The British Wildlife Photography Experience will run at the Westcountry Wildlife Photography Centre in Devon. Wildlife photography enthusiasts will be given the chance to capture some of Britain and Europe’s most mysterious animals. The centre homes a variety of species from the rare Muntjac Deer, to the European Otter and Beaver, Polecats, Scottish wild cats, Pine Martin, Edible Dormice and many more.

Through the one day course students will have special access to the centre, which is closed to the general public, in order to take unique and natural photographs and improve their wildlife photography. The course is aimed at students with a moderate level of knowledge and experience and will revolve around practical application with a brief theory session at the start. The experience is led by trainers from the award-winning Academy Training team and animal experts from the Westcountry Wildlife centre.

All Jessops Trainers are experienced, professional photographers that have a broad knowledge of all cameras to ensure you get the most out of the day. During the course, wildlife photography experts will provide professional advice and feedback on what camera settings to use and how to get the best composition.
Jessops British Wildlife Photography Experience
• 11am-5pm
• Course availability from Sunday 3rd July
•  £125

The new course will run on various dates throughout 2016 and 2017 at the Westcountry Wildlife Photography Centre in Devon. For more information on dates and space availability, visit

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