The Jessops Academy HD SLR Video Workshop will take place in London in 25 July and Manchester on 22 August. The course aims to ‘demystify’ filmmaking by explaining the jargon and making it easy to understand. Topics covered include composition, and tips on directing a short film. The course costs £119. For details visit or call 0344 800 4444.

Press release
Increase your confidence with basic video making and learn how to shoot movie-style video footage using your camera! Video techniques can be complicated for even the most advanced photographer, and with the broad range of products available, knowing where to start can be confusing.

This course aims to demystify video making, explaining the jargon and making it easy to understand. You’ll be shown new techniques and how to control your camera, and then given the opportunity to try out your new skills by making a simple short-film.

This course not only covers tuition on the equipment but also image composition and advice about how to direct your video/short-film shoot to achieve the best results. You’ll learn how to achieve ‘the Movie Look’ using Aperture and why Shutter Speed is important for video and how to control it.

Jessops Academy will provide each participant with wide-aperture lenses, focus-pull rack, slider, shoulder stabiliser, backgrounds and video editing software. Jessops HD SLR Video Workshop Courses are available on: • London Oxford Street Jessops store – 25th July 2015, 10am-4pm • Manchester Jessops store – 22nd August 2015, 10am-4pm Price: £119 Course bookings can be made online, in-store or by phone 0344 800 4444