Responding to ‘customer concerns’, CeWe managing director, Duncan Midwood, said: ‘We would like to reassure customers that we intend to honour all outstanding Jessops Photo orders and we continue to work closely with the administrator to process these as quickly as possible.’

However, Jessops administrator, PwC, has told customers it is ‘unable to guarantee the return of photo orders that have not been collected in store’.

Customers are advised to contact their local branch to arrange a collection time.

In a statement on its website, PwC adds: ‘Any photos not collected by Tuesday 15 January 2013 will be sent to a central store and held for a short period.’

A PwC spokesman today told AP: ‘Everything is being done to get those pictures back to customers.’

He said that anyone who has not arranged for collection after today’s deadline should call the Jessops hotline (0113 289 4422), write to the administrators or wait to be contacted.

Warwick-based CeWe has been working with Jessops for the past five years.

Meanwhile, some Jessops staff – devastated over the sudden loss of their jobs – have appealed for work by posting their photos in a store window, reports the Daily Mail.