CEWE, which supplies photobooks to high street chain Jessops, has bowed to pressure and assured photographers they will retain copyright to their images entered into a Europe-wide competition.

Earlier this week European photofinishing firm CEWE Photobooks, which counts Jessops as its ‘biggest partner supplier’, was forced to review the rules of its Europe is Beautiful competition after Amateur Photographer (AP) pointed out a clear copyright breach.

CEWE has since blamed the ?mistake? on a ?mistranslation? of the rules issued by CEWE?s German HQ and re-written them in ?plain English?.

A CEWE spokesman added: ?The initial terms and conditions regarding copyright were clearly incorrect and we thank Amateur Photographer for bringing this to our attention.

?The error occurred during translation into English from our HQ in Germany, where the competition and microsites were created, but we?d like to reassure readers and prospective entrants that the terms have now been amended accordingly and photographers? copyright over their images will always remain intact when they enter the competition.?

The spokesman added: ?CEWE Photobooks has always been a great supporter of photographers and, of course, we understand the importance of photographers retaining control of the images they take.?

Though the revised terms fail to explicitly state that photographers retain copyright, the spokesman assured AP this is the case.

Yesterday, Jessops moved to distance itself from the competition.

The contest urges photography enthusiasts to enter their best images of Europe for the chance to win prizes that include a two-week cruise and Panasonic DMC-FZ38 camera.

CEWE said it hopes AP readers will be inspired to enter the contest, now that the rules have been altered.

For details visit www.cewe-photobook.co.uk/