Each week, until 3 August, Jesssop will select seven images to be displayed on the Jessops ‘wall of fame’ in each of its stores, where they will remain on show for a week.

Jessops’s head of marketing Rachel Wilkins said: ‘Our Share Your Summer campaign is about giving photographers of all abilities the chance to share a photograph they are proud of.

‘Everyday we share our favourite images through social media, but only an elite few would ever get the opportunity to display them to the masses in a public space.

‘We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the incredible feeling that comes from sharing your work.’

Olympus has also pledged to display all the winning shots at an exhibition in the Project Space Gallery in Bermondsey, south London from 8-14 August.

And all the winners will be invited to a ‘celebratory event’ to be held on 12 August.

To enter, upload your image to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, tagging @jessops and using the hashtag #ShareYourSummer2016.

For full details, including terms and conditions, visit the competition web page.

Ian Savage, head of the Jessops Academy Team gives his top tips for a ‘winning summer shot’

• Portrait: If you’re thinking about entering a portrait shot, take advantage of the natural daylight that summer brings. Side lighting works particularly well. All you need to do is turn the exposure mode dial to aperture-priority, focus on the eyes and you’ll have a great shot

• Action shots: Feeling a bit more adventurous with your photography? Then try panning. This clever technique gives your photos a sense of movement. Pick the point you want to take the photo and face it, but then turn to the direction the subject will be coming from. Half press the shutter button, and without moving your feet, turn smoothly to follow your subject

• Child’s play: Kids rarely stay still long enough for you to take their picture, but instead of resorting to bribery to get them to sit down for a photo, start photographing them on the go. Either choose your camera’s sports mode or select shutter-priority and continuous AF. In both cases, your camera’s autofocus will keep your subject in focus, even when that’s a toddler wobbling around a playground on a bike with stabilisers

• Share a landscape you love: To create an interesting landscape composition, try taking your photograph at a different viewpoint or angle, avoiding the usual eye height. The key is to move around and not be afraid to change what you would normally do

• Ready for your close up? Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with your subject – try focusing on a small part of your chosen composition for a more abstract shot. If you’re using your camera’s standard kit lens, choose macro mode to get a frame-filling image!