[Photo credit: © Tommy Napolitano]

The first Jessops Commercial Fashion Workshop will be held on 28 June at Jessops’ store in Oxford Street, London, with more dates to be announced later this year. The workshop costs £249. For details visit the course web page.

Press release

This brand-new fashion workshop aims to give you an overview of the commercial fashion photography trade, from working with a customer brief to selecting the final images!

This full-day workshop from Jessops opens up the opportunity to experience both the theory and hands on aspects of the fashion photography industry.

Topics covered on the course include everything you need to know about putting together your own commercial fashion shoot, such as choosing a location, selecting a model, as well as matching styling and make-up to a brief.

From this guidance, Jessops will help you to start building your very own portfolio with powerful fashion images.

This unique and advanced workshop is run in collaboration with Tommy Napolitano, an established Fashion Photographer, and his business partner Riccardo Freggia.

Tommy has been working independently as a full-time photographer for over 8 years. He began his journey at the age of 13 in Italy as an assistant to a wedding/portrait photographer where he learnt the trade, but at the age of 22 he left to start on his own.

Nowadays he operates from several studios (including London, Napoli and Milan) and frequently works with large Italian fashion brands as well as other international clients.

His passion for photography is clear from his work, and thanks to his experience in the trade he is able to give a comprehensive insight into what is needed to become successful in this growing industry.

The course includes*:

•Building a portfolio

•Matching a customer’s brief

•Setting up a commercial fashion shoot, including

    Choosing a model

    Choosing a location



    Composing and creating powerful fashion images

•Working in the fashion photography industry

Location: London – Oxford Street. First date: 28th June (Sunday). Running time: 10:30 – 16:30. Spaces available: 8 places

More dates to be confirmed later in the year at: www.jessops.com. Price: £249.00.
*Lunch not included but a break will be provided