Fujifilm are hosting their annual X-Summit in New York, US, this week, as we’ll be there to bring you live coverage of the event.

Following on from the announcement of the high-speed, 26MP Fujifilm X-H2S in May 2022, we are expecting exciting new things to be be announced at the Fujifilm X-Summit 2022, and will be providing coverage of the event live from New York, on the 8th September 2022, from 2pm (EDT), 7pm UK time.

As announced at the May Fujifilm X-Summit, we are expecting Fujifilm to announce a new 40MP Fujifilm X-H2, although there could always be more announcements, as there are further lenses that are planned on Fujifilm’s latest X-Mount lens roadmap

Join us here for live coverage on the 8th September!

Fujifilm X-Summit NYC 2022, September 2022

Fujifilm X-Summit NYC 2022, September 2022

Fujifilm Fujikina 2022 – 10th September

Fujifilm are also running a one-day event on the 10th September 2022, at the Glasshouse on 12th Avenue, New York, called “Fujifilm Fujikina 2022” which includes an exhibition, a number of main stage speakers, as well as cinema gear speakers.

Fujifilm X-Summit Fujikina event held in New York 2022

Fujifilm X-Summit Fujikina event held in New York, September 2022

Main stage speakers include Greg Gorman (US), XYZA Cru Bacani (Philippines), Sam Abell (US), Philip Bloom (UK), Irene Yee (US), Tom Hegen (Germany), and Cinema Live Talks from William Chua (Singapore), Mark Fellman (US), and Michael Bulbenko (US).

Registration is required to attend. Full details can be found here.

You can find more details of the events that Fujifilm are running on the Fujifilm-X website.