This is not the first time that controversy has dogged Jonathan Ross?s BBC radio broadcasts.

Photographers may recall that, in 2006, the BBC refuted claims he had suggested Fujifilm no longer made film.

The BBC?s denial came after Fujifilm’s marketing team despatched a man dressed as a roll of Fujifilm to the BBC Radio studios in central London while Ross was live on air.

Fujifim said that they had wanted to ‘prove him wrong’.

The giant film mascot ? dubbed ‘Superia Sam’ ? was sent to the Radio 2 offices in Great Portland Street, armed with products including, crucially, a bag of films.

Fujifilm claimed that Ross had said the company ‘didn’t make film anymore’, during one of his Saturday morning shows.

However, the Beeb hit back telling us that ‘the producer recalls that Jonathan did mention Fujifilm’ ? but he actually said something along the lines of ‘I wonder if they still do film?’.

The BBC spokeswoman added: ‘He didn’t make a statement saying “no they don’t?.’

Yesterday, the BBC presenter was suspended for 12 weeks for comments made in a prank call to actor Andrew Sachs, broadcast on Russell Brand’s Radio 2 show on 18 October.

Fujifilm 200Ross in film comment controversy

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