The photographer who last week clashed with rap star Kanye West has stated that he may sue the singer for alleged damage to his camera and a cut to his nose.

Freelance photographer Terry Blackburn told Amateur Photographer (AP) magazine that he has consulted his lawyer over the incident, which occurred outside a Newcastle nightclub on Friday 14 November.

Police arrested West on suspicion of assault but he was later released without charge.

A Northumbria Police spokeswoman told AP that they do not intend to pursue the matter.

Blackburn admits he had been following the singer in pursuit of pictures that evening.

He claims he sustained a ?2cm long? cut to his nose and a ?smashed lens hood?.

The photographer, who was using a Canon EOS-1D Mark II digital SLR, said he has spoken to his solicitor about filing a damages claim against the rap artist.

Blackburn told AP that the incident occurred as West was leaving the nightclub, with four women, before the rapper climbed into a waiting car.

West, who is touring the UK, claims he put his hand up to the camera ?in self-defence?, and to prevent Blackburn taking his picture.

He added: ?I guess in all the commotion the camera scraped his nose.?

The singer has since used his website blog to launch an attack on the paparazzi in general.

?Let us not forget that paps killed Princess Diana,? West wrote. ?When will there be a law passed that simply enforces that someone has to ask to take a photograph of you?

?That would seem like common courtesy. Right now the paps are above the law and the people they shoot are below it.?

He added: ?What should be illegal is pictures taken with the intent to sell??

He criticised the paparazzi for driving ??recklessly?? on freeways?, jumping over fences and invading people?s privacy in pursuit of the ?money shot?.