Filter maker Kase has announced a new 100mm holder system in which everything fits together magnetically, promising rapid setup. It’s being offered as an alternative to the firm’s excellent, but more conventionally designed Kase Wolverine K9 filter holder. The system is designed to work with full-frame lenses as wide as 14mm without vignetting.

The holder accepts a rear-mounted 95mm polariser and more unusually, 95mm circular neutral density (ND) filters in front. Kase says this allows a lighter overall weight and a completely light-tight design.

This diagram reveals how all of the components of the Kase Armour system fit together. Aside from the lens rings that screw in as usual, everything else fixes together using magnets

In addition, two rectangular filters, either 150x100mm or 100x100mm, can be added using magnetic metal frames which are designed to accommodate conventional 2mm-thick glass filters. These frames also promise increased protection for the glass against drops and handling marks.

The Kase Armour filter system in use. The small red dial is used to rotate the polariser, while a locking screw on the other side secures the rectangular filters in your desired position

Two kits are initially available. First is the Kase Armour Holder Kit  – 100mm system, which costs £269 and includes the following:

  • Kase Armour filter holder
  • 95mm magnetic polariser
  • 150x100mm and 100x100mm magnetic frames
  • 77mm and 82mm lens adapters
  • Stepping rings for lenses with 72mm and 67mm threads
  • Push-on lens cap

The Kase Armour Filter Holder Set

Next up is the Kase Armour Entry Kit – 100mm system, which has a a list price of £509. It includes everything that’s in the holder kit, and adds the following:

  • 95mm magnetic Kase Armour 6-stop ND filter
  • 150x100mm 3-stop soft ND graduated filter
  • Kase Armour carry case

The Entry Level Kit adds two filters and a carry case

In addition, an Armour 95mm magnetic circular 10-stop ND will be available for £125. Additional filter frames will cost £40 each.