Thanks to its included Li-Ion battery, the Reflecta x9 scanner doesn’t need to be plugged into a computer in order to work. It can save images directly to an SD card and automatically converts negatives to positives.

The scanner can also be connected to a computer via a USB cable. It produces digitised images at 1,800 dpi, 5-million pixels and with a colour depth of 24 bit.

The Visilux accessories pair with the Visilux Studio Flash Kits 180 and 300, which were released earlier this year.

Accessories available include silver and white umbrellas, wireless flash triggers, a snoot light modifier, coloured filters, a soft box, a beauty dish with honeycomb, a carry bag and spare modelling lamps and flash tubes.

The SRP for the Reflecta Film Scanner is £95.76, while the Visilux accessories start from £10.74. For more information head to