Kodak has discontinued its DCS Pro SLR/n and DCS Pro SLR/c digital SLRs to concentrate on making imaging sensors. However, the company insists it is not ruling out future production of digital SLRs.

A spokesman confirmed that the move ? predicted by AP?s technical team some months ago ? will allow the company to ?focus on the design and manufacture? of CCD and CMOS sensors.

Asked whether Kodak has ended its production of digital SLRs forever, Kodak UK spokesman David Kitchin said: ?We are leaving the door open. We are not pulling out of the digital SLR market altogether.?

Launched last year the cameras are 14-million-pixel models carrying a CMOS sensor that measures the same size as a frame of 35mm film. The SLR/n is compatible with Nikon lenses, while the SLR/c is a Canon EOS lens mount version.

Kodak points out that current owners of the SLR/n and SLR/c will receive service and support from Kodak until December 2008 and that all warranties will be honoured. UK-based customers will also continue to be offered free training courses on using the cameras throughout this year.

Though sales of the cameras, including the UK market, have been ?strong? over the past 18 months Kitchin said they have ?dipped? slightly this year as a result of competition from other manufacturers.

Our suspicions about the future of the cameras were first aroused when the models were conspicuous by their absence on the Kodak stand at this year?s PMA trade show in America.