The photographic industry has not yet developed a method for helping consumers archive the ?mounting number of digital images stranded on household PCs?, warns Kodak?s CEO Antonio M Perez.

Speaking in an interview with the US-based Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Perez claimed that ? at the moment ? archiving is not such a big problem for consumers because they only have a ?100, maybe a 1,000? digital files. He added: ?There will be a time when you have 10,000, 15,000 images? As much as we complain about the old shoebox, the old shoebox was brilliant because it was just a matter of going through the attic??

He also warned: ?This is going to be a lot more difficult in digital? formats are going to change. Hard drives will crash.?

The other issue, he explained, is ?how convenient? it is to archive photographs. ?It?s easy for people to put it on the hard drive of their PCs and say, ?Well, eventually I will deal with this?. Then you start to lose them. And uploading is still a chore??

However, Perez believes that the more people use mobile devices to take pictures, the better it is for Kodak. ?Not only will it help with our CMOS [imaging sensor] business – and help us to value even more the differentiation we have in our software – it will help make developing the whole system a lot easier?,? he claimed.