Eastman Kodak has hit out after Apple filed a lawsuit alleging that the firm breached two Apple patents relating to at least 20 Kodak digital cameras. The legal action follows a complaint filed by Kodak against Apple in February regarding technology used in the Apple iPhone.

Apple filed its complaint against Kodak in the California Northern District Court on 15 April, according to Patently Apple, a blog site covering Apple intellectual property news.

The lawsuit names 20 digital cameras from Kodak?s Z, M, and C series and includes several Kodak video cameras.

Apple, which is seeking compensation, states in the lawsuit: ?Apple has been irreparably harmed by Kodak?s acts of infringement and will continue to be harmed unless and until Kodak acts of infringement are enjoined and restrained by order of this court.?

A spokesman for Eastman Kodak told Amateur Photographer: ?As a matter of practice, we don?t comment on litigation. That said, as regards our intellectual property, Kodak has a long history of digital imaging innovation and we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars creating our industry-leading patent portfolio. We have an obligation to our shareholders and the other licensees to protect their interests.

?When others use our technology, we merely seek fair compensation for that use, in the same way that many other leading technology companies pay us to license Kodak technology.?