The firm was responding to a media report earlier this week that production is set to cease after a significant fall in demand for film.

A spokesperson for the US company, which is based in Rochester, today told Amateur Photographer: ‘Similar to other components within the manufacturing process, we have chosen to look at alternative sources of acetate supply for the future – while at the same time building a significant inventory buffer of this component.

‘We have built years’ worth of acetate base. That inventory, in combination with our ability to alternatively source acetate when we need additional capacity, makes us confident that Kodak will continue to meet customer demand for the foreseeable future.’

The spokesperson declined to confirm whether the move will come at the cost of 60 jobs but said that changes to its traditional businesses will involve adjusting staff numbers.

Neither is it clear who will be making acetate base for Kodak under the new arrangements.

Kodak adds: ‘Kodak remains committed to the film marketplace – while at the same time taking the necessary steps to ensure a viable supply of product.

‘We are aware that there are more choices than ever today, but for those photographers and filmmakers who want to create their images on film, Kodak will supply it.’