Eastman Kodak?s digital business sales revenue jumped 10% during the first three months of 2008, compared to the same quarter last year, according to figures released today.

Total digital revenue generated to 31 March was $1.366 billion, while traditional sales totalled $724m ? a drop of 13%.

Though Kodak?s Consumer Digital lmaging Group sales grew 20% to $554m, losses from this group?s operations rose 48% to $111m. A year ago they stood at $75m.

?The increased loss was driven by planned investment in the consumer inkjet business, partially offset by continued earnings improvement in digital cameras and digital picture frames,? said the company in a statement.

The firm more than halved its overall first quarter loss from continuing operations, cutting it from $186m in 2007 to $81m this year, before interest and taxes.