Announced last year, the LED Light Cube features an adjustable flash speed and continuous high-speed flash at full power.

Australian Manufacturer IC12 claims the LED Light Cube can deliver more than 10,000 flashes, at 1/60sec duration (from a single battery charge) at full power.

It can also be used as a video light for up to 45 minutes from a single charge, according to UK distributor Bowens.

Due out in November, the stackable device costs £516, and is sold as single cubes, or in sets of two or four.

IC12 managing director Nathan Oxley said: ‘The key Light Cube features are unique in the marketplace right now.

‘We developed this product after documenting photographer’s ongoing and very real frustrations with their hardware limitations.

LED Light Cube‘Our engineers worked for 15 months to deliver this hybrid light, which now enables both photographers and videographers to capture their moments without concerns about flash recycling times.’

Oxley added: ‘It can “freeze time” at speeds of up to 1/8000sec – that’s equivalent to a single wing flap of a bird.

‘At the other end of the scale it can slow light speeds down to thirty seconds.’

The LED Light Cube is available for pre-order and stock is due imminently.

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