A full-frame digital rangefinder camera may still be a future option for Leica, a spokesman has told Amateur Photographer (AP).

Christian Erhardt, director of marketing for Leica USA’s Photographic Division, said: ‘We are always looking for new products? We will have to see what technology brings.’

However, Erhardt stressed that Leica would still have to overcome the issue of short back focus and the difficulties faced by digital sensors when light approaches from narrow angles.

This problem arises when producing a full-frame sensor in a rangefinder body where the rear lens element sits so close to the camera’s digital sensor.

Speaking at last week’s PMA show in Las Vegas, Erhardt told AP that customer feedback suggested M8 users ‘are not bothered’ by non-full-frame.

Last year, Leica Camera’s former CEO Steven K Lee, was removed from power by the company’s supervisory board after he controversially suggested that Leica was seriously considering upgrading the company’s M8 digital rangefinder with a full-frame sensor.

The firm later issued a statement, countering Lee’s comments.

Also at PMA, Leica did not rule out the development of a hybrid camera.


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