Leica has warned Leica M9 photographers not to use two types of SanDisk memory card, despite issuing a firmware update that aims to resolve compatibility problems.

Earlier this year, Leica launched an investigation into a compatibility glitch between its flagship M9 digital rangefinder camera and certain SD memory cards, including those made by SanDisk.

Among a number of photographers reporting compatibility issues to the company was Gil Lavi from the United States, who said that a SanDisk Extreme Pro 8GB card he had used for a high-profile portrait shoot ‘crashed and the camera became unresponsive’.

Leica last week issued new firmware designed to improve the camera?s performance with ?all SD card types?, following field tests with Leica customers.

Leica claims that firmware update version 1.174 offers ?considerably more stable general performance?.

However, in a statement the firm adds: ?Even so, we still have to recommend not to use the following two types of cards, since we have experienced sphoradic [sic] difficulties with them during the test phase.?

Leica named the cards as the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC 1 UHS-1 and the SanDisk Extreme HD Video SDHC 1.

The warning applies to all card sizes, in both cases.

?We would like to specifically point out?, adds Leica, ?that this is not implying a general fault on the side of these cards. It is only that at the moment, a 100% compatibility of the M9 with these cards cannot be warranted [sic].?

Leica said it is still working to resolve compatibility issues concerning these two cards.


Leica investigates SD card glitch