Leica remains tight-lipped following rumours circulating on the internet that it will announce a full-frame ‘M9’ digital rangefinder camera next Wednesday.

Leica UK has once again declined to comment, despite a growing number of reports suggesting that the firm is poised to reveal its follow-up to the M8, Leica’s first digital rangefinder camera.

Speculation is rife following the release of a video, confirming the launch of new products on 09/09/09.

Last month French magazine Chasseur d’image reported that Leica is set to release a successor to its non-full frame M8 (pictured).

Last year, Leica Camera’s former CEO Steven K Lee, was removed from power by the company’s supervisory board after he controversially suggested that Leica was seriously considering upgrading the company’s M8 digital rangefinder with a full-frame [35mm film-sized] sensor.

The firm later issued a statement, countering Lee’s comments.


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