Leica has promised to speed up delivery of cameras to customers, admitting that ?full order books? have caused delays despite an increase in the number of employees.

?Our process improvements are making an impact,? said Leica Camera AG chairman Alfred Schopf.

He said that staff have worked ?voluntary overtime? to help the company reach its delivery targets.

?Over the last three months we have been able to further accelerate order processing by optimising the delivery chain, adhering uncompromisingly to product quality,? added Schopf.

The news comes as Leica reveals that 67% of its sales stem from products under two years old.

?Since the first digital rangefinder camera with a full-format sensor, the Leica M9, and the professional system Leica S2 in September 2009 order, intake has skyrocketed?? Leica said in a statement.

Leica recently notched up its best quarterly sales in 15 years.

Sales for the last three months of 2010 totalled Euros 75.5 million.