Leica has launched an updated version of its M8 digital rangefinder in response, it says, to customer feedback.

Due out in ‘late September’ the M8.2 features the same body as its sibling but includes a ‘low vibration, extra quiet’ focal plane shutter with the option to suppress the re-cocking of the shutter until a later moment. Leica describes this as a ‘substantial improvement’, adding that this enables ‘more discreet’ photography.

The quieter shutter is already offered as an upgrade to the current M8 (which remains in production), but the option to delay re-cocking the shutter, ready for the next shot, is new.

Other differences include an exposure compensation shortcut using the dial on the back of the camera and the addition of ‘scratch-resistant’ sapphire crystal cover glass for the monitor. The latter is also currently offered as an M8 upgrade option.

Also new is ‘snapshot? mode which Leica claims is useful in ‘reportage conditions’. This allows users to opt for auto exposure, ISO and white balance.

The viewfinder brightline frames, used to frame the subject, have been optimised for 2m (M8 is 0.7m).

Leica has added a ‘vulcanite’ finish to the camera body, in both black and silver versions.

The M8.2 kit costs £3,990 and includes a compact ‘faster’ charger. Leica claims this can be charged to 80% of full charge in 1.5 hours, enough to be able to use the camera if the photographer is in a hurry.

Leica has not ruled out the development of a full-frame M8 at some time in future but has made it clear that this won’t happen anytime soon.