Light has announced that it is launching its L16 camera in the UK.

The L16 features many small lenses and sensors that lie at 45-degree angles across a flat plane. With each shutter releases, 10 or more lenses capture the same scene from slightly different perspectives.

After the shot is taken, the L16 assesses the zoom level and chooses a combination of its 28mm, 70mm and 150mm modules in each shot, merging the shots together to create a high-resolution 52 megapixel still image.

3D Mapping

An image taken with the Light L16 camera

Generating a 3D depth map of every scene, using the L16 means that you’re able to adjust depth of field and focal plane after you’ve taken the shot. Light also says that noise reduction is a perk of using ten cameras at once.

On the back of the camera is a 5-inch full HD touch-sensitive screen, which you can use to change key settings. The L16 uses Android software, making it operate a little like a smartphone.

The Light L16 price in the UK will be £1,850, but for those buying until 31 March, an introductory offer of £1,295 will be available.