TZ20 compactWill spectators be banned from bringing compact cameras such as the Panasonic Lumix TZ20 super zoom into the London 2012 Olympics? It sports a 16x optical zoom lens

Photography restrictions at the London 2012 Olympics could include a ban on many compact cameras used by spectators, Amateur Photographer (AP) can reveal.


AP has today learned that London 2012 Olympics chiefs will meet within days to decide what types of lens spectators will be allowed to bring into the stadium.

?They are thinking of two ways [of restriction]: Either by the physical size of a lens or power of the lens,? said a spokeswoman for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).

Asked why organisers may decide to limit the power of a lens, the LOCOG spokeswoman pointed out that, these days, many compact cameras carry powerful zoom lenses.

But she declined to comment further until officials have met to discuss the use of cameras at the Olympics later this month.

However, AP understands that organisers may be concerned about protecting image rights when spectators take pictures inside the venue and that this will be among the topics up for discussion.

Explaining a potential restriction on the size of a separate (detachable) lens, the LOCOG spokeswoman told us: ?So, if someone is sitting in front of you they don?t have the lens on their shoulder.?

Last month Olympics organisers said they plan to ban cameras at certain sporting events and to impose restrictions on the equipment people will be allowed to use.

Since AP?s report on a possible ban on some DSLR camera equipment, organisers have been bombarded with calls and have brought forward a meeting to discuss the issue which was not due to be held until the summer.

?We have had so many enquiries about it,? said the spokeswoman.

As we reported in March, Section 19.2.3 of the terms and conditions for London 2012 ticket-holders, bans visitors from taking into the venue ‘large photographic equipment (including tripods)’.


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