Capa was interviewed on an NBC radio show called Hi! Jinx as part of publicity for his autobiographical novel called Slightly Out of Focus.

It was broadcast on the morning of 20 October 1947, according to the New York-based International Center of Photography (ICP) which has released the recording to mark the 100th anniversary of Capa’s birth.

‘Previous attempts to locate this in national radio archives were unsuccessful. None had recordings of this specific show,’ said the ICP in a statement.

‘The recording showed up recently on eBay from a seller in Massachusetts, who had discovered the recording and others several years ago in the area from an estate sale.’

The ICP adds: ‘It is the only known recording of Robert Capa. While he gave other public talks, this was the only radio interview and he was never interviewed on television.

‘Only scant newsreel films show him in action, and none with his voice.’

To listen, and for further details, visit the ICP website.