LowePro has announced an updated range of camera bags, the PhotoSport PRO AW III available in two sizes, 55L and 70L (shown above), the bag comes with a removable GearUp PRO XL II camera box designed to carry all your gear, so that you can use the bag for everything else you might need, and then take the camera box with you whilst leaving the main bag at base. The GearUp PRO is also available separately.

An optional LowePro RunAbout BP 18L backpack is available, for the shorter day trips, where you just want to take the GearUp PRO section with you.

  • The LowePro PhotoSport PRO AW III 55L is priced at £429.95
  • The LowePro PhotoSport PRO AW III 70L is priced at £457.95
  • The LowePro GearUp PRO camera box L/XL II is priced at £41.95 / £54.95
  • The LowePro RunAbout BP 18L is priced at £74.95

The new 55L and 70L backpacks compliment the Photosport Outdoor BP 24L AW III and 15L backpacks.

We’ve previously reviewed the LowePro Flipside BP 300 AW III.


Lowepro completes their innovative Photosport III Series with the Addition of the PhotoSport PRO

  • PhotoSport PRO line tops off the third-generation PhotoSport collection designed for adventure photographers who embark on multi-day photographic journeys
  • 85% of all fabrics are recycled*, lightweight and water-resistant with included All Weather AW Cover™ to protect gear from the elements.
  • Integrated GearUp™ camera insert and accessory strap system bring flexible protection for multiple carrying configurations with an optional Runabout pack for explorations from the basecamp.
  • ActivLift™ system on the back panel provides a comfortable fit and weight distribution for optimal outdoor comfort.

Cassola, October 2021 – Lowepro, a company with a 50-year legacy of creating protective gear-carrying solutions for adventure photographers, content creators, explorers and travellers continues the enduring PhotoSport III Series with the addition of the PhotoSport PRO, a range of multi-day hike backpacks designed to give the utmost protection, comfort, and modularity for the most challenging photographic journeys. The PhotoSport PRO comes in 2 sizes along with modular accessories designed to efficiently carry the necessities of a multi-day photographic expedition. The PhotoSport PRO line advances the Lowepro green line label that features sustainable products with a loading bar indicator of recycled fabrics level measured by surface area.

The PhotoSport PRO line consist of backpacks that carry an expansive array of both camera gear and hiking essentials to cover hiking and shooting for several days. The PhotoSport PRO backpacks come with a durable all-weather design that features the characteristic PhotoSport V-shaped exterior front panel. Built for the most extreme outdoor photography adventures, the PhotoSport PRO backpacks offer the carrying capacity needed for multiple days of hiking and backcountry travel without compromising on comfort and modularity while keeping their photography gear safe and secure.

LowePro GearUp PRO Camera Box XL

LowePro GearUp PRO Camera Box XL

This professional backpack line is offered in 2 sizes: 55 and 70 liters, both made to carry a full frame mirrorless or DSLR camera with a vertical grip and attached 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, with room for 2 additional lenses or a portable camera drone and accessories. Both bags are made to carry hiking and camping essentials such as a sleeping bag, a tent, meal camp, jacket, and trekking poles enough for the needs of a multiple day journey. Each variant is available with a choice of two sizes of shoulder straps. S-M straps are designed to fit smaller torsos better. The straps have slightly more curve and a shorter length. M-L straps are designed to fit larger torsos better. The straps are longer and less curved. Foam is strategically perforated for flexibility where you need it and more padding where it helps most.

Each backpack comes with a modular GearUp PRO XL, accessible from both a front and a back access door, and serves as a removable camera compartment as well as provides added protection from impact and moisture.

An outdoor photographer requires carrying solutions that adapt to what the situation calls for. As the PhotoSport PRO backpacks allow the photographer to bring anything and everything needed for the journey, they also offer an adaptive carrying solution. Not all the equipment has to be carried throughout the adventure. Once at basecamp, the GearUp Pro XL can be removed from the entire backpack to be brought for when the photography happens.

The backpack comes with an array of straps that allows added modularity in carrying the GearUp Pro individually, or to make additional attachments. The GearUp Pro XL can also be purchased individually, along with the GearUp Pro L variant which is only sold separately.

LowePro RunAbout BP 18L

LowePro RunAbout BP 18L

The 18L Runabout daypack to be sold separately as well, is a portable backpack which is folded to a minimal size and expanded to carry the entire camera compartment as a stand-alone camera bag while all other equipment are left at basecamp.

The PhotoSport PRO backpacks are equipped with a fully adjustable ActivLift™ system that offers outstanding weight distribution and breathability that assures optimal comfort even with the heaviest loads in the longest of journeys. With its adjustable torso length, shoulder pad angle, chest straps, and waist straps, the backpack ensures comfortable fit for outdoor photographers and hikers of any body type.

Anyone who loves the outdoors surely has a lot of concern for the environment. That is why the PhotoSport PRO backpacks join Lowepro’s green line label in which all gear carrying solutions are made from recycled fabrics. Each variant comes with a loading bar indicator that contains information about the percentage of recycled fabrics in the product. The PhotoSport PRO backpacks consist of 85% (BP 55L) and 86% (BP70L) recycled* fabric while the GearUP PRO XL and L consist of 50% and 47% respectively. The Runabout daypack is made up of 84% recycled fabric as well. As the brand continues to grow supporting photographers and travelers through any photographic endeavor, Lowepro carries its community of photographers towards a direction committed to preserving and protecting the environment on which we set foot on each journey that begins with a packed bag.

The PhotoSport PRO collection will be available worldwide by October 2021.

*Measured as recycled yarn content by surface area as percent of total fabric surface area. Some materials are 100% recycled. The specific xx% percentage of each item accounts for all the fabric panels.

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