In contrast to media reports, it seems Jessops in Clapham escaped damage, despite being at the centre of Monday night’s riots Picture: Chris Cheesman

It is business as usual at Jessops in Clapham which escaped damage during Monday night?s riots in London, despite being at the epicentre of widespread violence and looting, according to the shop’s staff.

Staff at the St John?s Road store today said the shop was ‘lucky’ to get away unscathed, despite initial media reports suggesting it had been targeted.

It seems the store?s shutter system deterred would-be looters, though staff were reluctant to reveal exact details for security reasons.

However, Currys, which lies almost directly opposite Jessops, was less fortunate.

The Currys store – which also stocks cameras – was badly trashed by looters and remained boarded up this morning (see picture below).

Staff say that Jessops in Clapham was forced to close for just one day, during which time police are believed to have carried out forensic tests outside.

Earlier this week, Jessops’ chief executive Trevor Moore declined to give details of the scale of damage to his stores.

It is thought that the flagship Birmingham shop was the worst hit.

CurrysCurrys in St John’s Road, Clapham – which is opposite Jessops – remained closed this morning

Picture: Chris Cheesman