©Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos

There are 38 #MAGNUMSquare images available as signed 6x6in prints, priced $100 each.

The Magnum ‘flash sale’ photos have gone on sale via the agency’s Instagram account, and are available to buy through Magnum’s online store until 14 November.

A spokesman for Magnum’s New York office, which is organising the sale, said: ‘A few months ago, Magnum photographers challenged each other to dig up a single photograph that they have always liked, but for one reason or another, has gone unpublished and/or to some extent unnoticed.

‘Photographers explored the depths of their attics and hard drives for an image that they wanted to give new life.

‘Each chose a single image to rescue from oblivion.’

The Magnum Square Print Sale includes a silhouette of a New York window cleaner, captured in 1946 by photographer Elliott Erwitt – then an 18-year-old photo enthusiast.

USA. New York City. 1946.©Elliott Erwitt / Magnum Photos

Erwitt said: ‘While still in public school, I managed to save enough to buy my first serious camera – a Rolleiflex with which I shot all my pictures for several years at belly level.

‘Eventually, I moved up to eye level, shooting where I still am with modern cameras.

‘Recently, while looking into my old proof sheets and seeing pictures I had taken over 60 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised at what I shot while still a teenager.

‘The picture of a window washer taken 68 years ago is one of those “found’ images and a small part of a rescue from the depths of my archive’

At today’s exchange rate, $100 equates to around £63.

A $13 international shipping charge will apply for delivery of a #MAGNUMSquare print to a UK address, a spokesman for Magnum’s London office told Amateur Photographer.


©Ian Berry / Magnum Photos

NYC6308.web ©Bruce Davidson / Magnum Photos

Details of many of the images have been published HERE

They are available to buy from the Magnum Photos store.