The Spectra 1×1 FT, Spectra 1x1S and Spectra 1x1F all provide soft light and a colour rendering index value of more than 90, ensuring highly accurate colour reproduction.

This allows users to regulate the light output level from 0 to 100% without experiencing any noticeable colour shift, a function controlled via a knob on the rear of each of the panels.

The three panels in the range are each tailored to different functions. The Spectra 1x1S emits light with a narrow angle for focusing on a specific subject, while the Spectra 1x1F is wide-angle for more general lighting.

The more expensive Spectra 1×1 FT provides the user with the option to alter the colour temperature, with a range of 5600-3200K.

Manfrotto says that the Spectra 1×1 panels’ operation is both silent and heat free, with a start-up time of a few seconds. Weighing just 1.36kg, the panels are designed to be convenient and portable for location shooting.

To power the Spectra 1×1 panels a 100-240V AC adapter is included in the packaging. It’s also possible to use camera batteries, in V-Lock or AB Gold Mount fittings.

The Manfrotto Spectra 1×1 panels are available now. The Spectra 1x1S and 1x1F are priced £719.95, while the Spectra 1×1 FT is priced £1,329.95. For more information visit