Media groups have condemned the jailing of a young reporter who was arrested after taking photographs at a protest in Burma.

Ein Khaing Oo has been sent to prison for two years after taking photographs that showed victims of a cyclone in the country.

Burmese authorities said that the reporter’s pictures could have harmed Burma’s interests when used by foreign news organisations.

The 24-year-old journalist, who worked for a magazine called Eco Vision, was arrested on 10 June while covering a demonstration of cyclone survivors outside the United Nations building in Rangoon.

The victims were appealing for UN assistance after failing to get the help they needed from the Burmese government, according to media reports.

Media organisations condemned the jail sentence, claiming that the reporter?s only crime was covering a ‘humanitarian disaster’.

A spokesman for Reporters Without Borders said: ?This unjust sentence comes amid a wave of unprecedented sentences for journalists and activists.?

Cyclone Nargis left around 130,000 people dead or missing when it struck in May.