Daily Mirror photographer Mike Moore says that no amount of training can prevent the ‘sheer bad luck’ of being caught by a roadside bomb in a war zone.

Mike was speaking after a bomb blast seriously injured Sunday Mirror photographer Phil Coburn and left journalist Rupert Hamer dead.

Mike, who worked with Phil in Iraq during the fall of Baghdad in 2003, told Amateur Photographer: ‘Photographer Phil Coburn is a consummate professional who, in going to the frontline in war zones, risks his life to give newspaper readers an insight into the horrors and hardship that our soldiers are facing in Afghanistan.

‘Sadly, this time it cost the life of reporter Rupert Hamer and Phil has been seriously injured – our thoughts are with Rupert’s family and we wish Phil a speedy recovery and rehabilitation.’

Mike, who works as a Daily Mirror staff photographer, added: ‘Phil knew the risks of working in these areas and was very experienced in Afghanistan, but no amount of training and careful planning can prevent the sheer bad luck of being caught in a roadside bomb in pursuit of great and powerful journalism from the front line.

‘Other journalists will travel to the rear echelon areas, the base camps and Brigade HQ’s but Phil knew the great pictures are from where the action is, and it would have been with this in mind that he set out on Saturday with the American convoy.

‘We all sincerely hope that Phil will be back at work in the future, taking again the great pictures for which he is known, and supporting and helping other photographers through his work with the British Press Photographers’ Association. Phil we wish you well and look forward to seeing you back on the ”street” soon.’