Quirky camera maker Lomo is planning a Valentine’s ‘swingers’ event for film lovers. The plan is for participants to hook up with the person who plucks their roll of exposed film from a bowl and then uses it to take a ‘multiple exposure’.

Those taking part in the 14 February ‘Film Swingers’ event, will be required to shoot a roll of film (with contact details attached), and then place it in a bowl for someone else to take and shoot over it.

‘It’s like a blind date but with amazing pictures as a result,’ says the Lomography Gallery Store, London, which is organising the event.

‘We’ll contact you when the film is processed. It could be the start of something special.’

The ‘workshop’ costs £6 and kicks off at 1pm on 14 February. The price includes use of a camera.

The bowl will be kept in store for at least two weeks afterwards and there will be prizes for the best ?Analogue Cross-Breeding’.

The Valentine’s event will take place at the Lomography Gallery Store, 3 Newburgh Street, London W1F 7RE. Tel: 020 7434 1466. Visit www.facebook.com/lgslondon