More than 60% of images appearing in national newspapers do not include a picture credit, according to a UK survey.

?On average the use of credits across all newspapers is low, with just 39% of images appearing with credit information in a national newspaper and only 36% of all images in Sunday papers appearing with credit,? said a spokesman for the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA), which conducted the research.

The Daily Telegraph was found to have credited the most images ? 59% of those used.

While, the Sunday Times topped the list for Sunday newspapers – crediting 67% of shots published.

Speaking to Amateur Photographer magazine, BAPLA’s CEO Linda Royles said: ‘Even though some photographers do not charge for their work to be used in print or online it is essential that they ask to be credited.’

The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times were awarded the ?Credit Where Credit is Due? award at the BAPLA Picture Buyers? Fair in Islington, London.

Steven Brown, managing director of the event’s sponsor PA Photos, stressed the importance of crediting pictures to recognise the copyright owner.

Royles added: ‘The Credit Where Credit is Due campaign is specifically aimed at the newspaper industry but is part of a much wider industry campaign.’

On average, national newspapers publish 174 images per day, according to the survey.

Picture credit: PA Photos