The photographs of John Lennon were taken in 1970, Credit: The Beatles Story

A collection of 26 previously unseen photographs of John Lennon worth over £10,000 have been uncovered.

The negatives were brought to a dedicated memorabilia day at The Beatles Story in Liverpool.

CEO of Julien’s Auctions Darren Julien estimated that the rare photographs could sell for over £10,000 at auction.

He said: “It’s not often when you find images of John Lennon that have never before been seen by the public. These 26 images/negatives of John Lennon are a rare find”.

The owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the photos had been lying in a family junk draw for 34 years. It was assumed that the images held no value.

The photographs of Lennon were taken in February 1970, just when The Beatles were breaking up.

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The photographs will go on temporary display at The Beatles Story’s main exhibition from November 9, 2017 before going to auction next year.

A Beatles Christmas Show programme from 1963 signed by all four Beatles was discovered on the day and valued at £8,000, alongside a signed postcard valued £5,000.

The photographs alongside the signed Christmas show programme and a letter from Lennon to The Queen, explaining why he was returning his MBE, will all go on sale at the auction in October 2018.

The Beatles Story is the world’s largest permanent exhibition devoted to telling the story of The Beatles’ rise to fame.

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