A lot of businesses have been suffering during the pandemic, and although we are still some way from another full lockdown, 2020 has been a year from hell for many. Photographers and videographers are no exception – many wedding, portrait and travel photographers have been finding it harder and harder to make a living. In response, a wide range of photographic associations and groups have joined together to create a single voice for photographers/videographers – it’s called The Coalition of Photographers.

A Facebook group has been formed to raise awareness and urge the government to provide more support, and is open to professional photographers and videographers as well as members of the photographic trade. “The Government has focused any targeted assistance on the largest of industries,” the coalition said in an official launch statement. “The photography industry is not one of those. With that in mind, we all need to come together and punch above our weight by collectively creating a Tidal Wave of activity to highlight our situation. The first stage is to literally flood key departments, individuals and media outlets with letters arriving collectively on 12th October, rather than being spread across months as they have been so far. This will make sure our message is heard, and just a few days before a scheduled Parliamentary Debate about how Small Businesses can be helped.”

At this stage, the coalition is inviting people to support its aims. “We need as many people as possible involved – every Association, Trade Company and Photographer/Videographer has a role here.” This Thursday, template-based letters will be made available to download, personalise, and post to government departments on Friday 9th (to a list of addresses which will be also published). Supporters are being encouraged to send letters, rather than emails, as every one will need to be opened by the relevant departments, thus helping to raise awareness and focus minds. Supporters of the coalition include the RPS, Loxley Colour and a wide range of photographic associations. As a first step, join the Facebook group.

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